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The benefits of RailTopoModel® for an IT department can be described mainly at two levels:

  1. Enterprise architecture:
    • Business Architecture: RailTopoModel® provides a rich base to channel the design, with business departments, of the common language at enterprise level, the semantic to be enriched for your own company business objects model.
    • IT Architecture: RailTopoModel® provides the foundation to support and implement your global railway IS object structure. As example:
      • Design: A base line Railway Object Model to be enriched and customized step by step as foundation of a new IS (think large, act small, ensure scalability)
      • Build: Implement an Operational Data Store (Data Lake) to collect/translate, and structure consistently, data coming from heterogeneous legacy systems (initiate new development based on sustainable foundation)
      • Transform: Organize decoupling between domains (flexibility, autonomy) while ensuring global consistency.
  2. Development:
    • RailTopoModel® being platform-independent, provides a toolbox to convert object classes in any object oriented languages such as Java, C#, Protobuf, …
    • railML.org provides a one-to-one relation between RailTopoModel® and railML® 3 classes (robustness, quality)
    • RailTopoModel® leverages the efficiency of development teams for sustainable and quality object oriented coding

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